Coffee Powder

Filter Coffee Powder

Filter Coffee Powder 80/20 (80% Coffee & 20% Chicory)
When people think of Filter coffee, they usually think of its ability to provide an energy boost. Here is SAGA Filter Coffee with 80% coffee and 20% chicory. The authentic coffee with a woody and nutty flavour. Filter coffee is always known as a stress buster.
The very thought of coffee energises you even after a hectic work schedule. However, coffee’s benefits cannot be restricted to a mere energy boost; it is far beyond that. It has host of health benefits. Coffee is indeed very stimulating and has vitamin benefits too.
A cup of SAGA filter coffee can boost your energy level. A coffee aficionado will have magnified energy levels and an augmented lifetime.
Coffee is one’s cosy personal space. SAGA bestows on you the finest filter coffee. A cup of aromatic hot filter coffee from SAGA, that’s all you want after a long day.
It has a shelf life of 6 to 8 months. This product is available in a package of 200 grams.